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Living a life surrounded by music since I was a child, under the influence of my father. Playing in nature was an everyday thing for me. Perhaps influenced by my mother’s free-spirited personality, I yearned for foreign scenery from a young age.
I wanted to travel the world someday. I started writing original songs at the age of 19, hoping to be able to do it with my favorite music. Despite feeling that singing was not my strong suit, I continued to struggle and find ways to enjoy myself as much as possible, even though I couldn’t go on a trip due to various circumstances.
One day, I realized that music was not just a tool for travel, but as important as food, clothing, and shelter. While living in the forest, I thought that I had become accustomed to a life rooted in the land, but I also found that going out to sing with instruments and equipment had become a part of my life, albeit a small one. Living in the forest and going on trips at times. When I load the equipment into the car, I feel happy and realize “Oh, my dream has come true.”
The current style of my activity, like a walking tree, is also fitting as my identity. It has been a long journey to get here. However, this is still a work in progress, and I have not yet been able to freely travel the world and see the scenery with my own eyes. Experiencing things with my own body. That is live performances. Travel and adventure cannot be replaced virtually. My thoughts on live performances apply to my entire life.
There is a song that came to me like a gift one day. I want to someday deliver that song to people beyond the sea. Of course, I cherish the joy of being able to listen to it with the people who are with me now, above all else.
Yuma Dobashi


Sain’o O -2023- サブスク配信決定!

1st Full Album “Sain’o O” 全国流通

2023.10.11 ON SALE


その想いを1stアルバム「Sain’o O(セインオーオー)」に込めました。